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Monday, August 25 2003 - Roboforge Site Going Down

I'm sorry everyone, but i think that the time has come to bring this site down. I've gone a different direction than Roboforge and they just havent showed me that they are going to do much with their product very soon. What was once a cutting edge program has now fallen to the wayside and is just another game - one that is buggier than most.

I'll leave this site up for a few more weeks so that people can get the message. If you'd like to visit my new site then come over to the new Dew Point Station where I'm hosting programs and games that I'm working on and a forum that is looking for people who like to discuss current event type topics, issues, and ideas. Drop me a line and let me know if people even still come here. If there is enough interest then i may keep the tutorial files available thru this site for you guys ... if I hear from enough people to warrent it.

Jan 5, 2002 - Haven't forgotten you guys

Well, another year has come. Sorry for not keeping up with the site, I'm sure alot of you thought I'd given up on Roboforge. While I havent given up on it, alot of the glamor in the game has faded and I've found myself working on another project (namely programming my new game "High Voltage"). This is not to say that I've lost all interest in Roboforge, only that with the time I have on hand I simply cannot participate as fully as I would like to. Since my absence I've noticed that RF hasnt had an update. Over the past few months a few people have written. While I'm happy to render any suggestions and advice that I can, I really not the one to ask for help with actually designing a bot.

Rest assured that all the information I currently have for Roboforge will remain onsight, but any further additions may not happen for quite awhile. Oh, and one other thing (grin), no, I'm not going to make my personal designs available for public download. It's not like it would help anyone out anyway, my designs get repeatedly tromped on :)

Wednesday, November 14 2001 - A lull in updates

Sorry all, havent gotten much opportunity lately to work on anything, not even bots for entering Roboforge. The holiday seasons have already gotten me running around crazy. I'll try and put some time aside in the following weeks to get some things done in here. Upcoming Holidays to all and hope to get somethings done for ya all soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - Beginner Help in Construction!

I've added in a new section to the site - The Beginner's Guide. For most of the Veteran RoboForge Players this information will be quite basic as it is only intended to help the new players understand and use the Roboforge Program. But ya never know, might be something in there that anyone could learn. And please, if you feel I forgot to mention something then email me and let me know and I'll see about adding it in. What I'm shooting for here is how to use the Roboforge program as the Roboforge Help Files can be a little ... scarce. The links for Moves, Zone and AI will simply take you back to the main page as they are not yet completed.

Dew Point Station has also begun sponsoring some of the Roboforge Tourny fights! You can see out Banner displayed for the fight that we sponsor. Special Thanks to RoboForge for accepting the Dew Point Destruction Banner and allowing us to be part of their official Tournaments!

As you can see, work is continueing on this site. I have several projects in the works but felt that I needed to start centralizing my tutorials so am focusing on the Beginner Guide for the moment. Once that is complete I'll work on towards helping out with actual bot creation tips. Some of these have already been completed (such as Understanding the AI and Components within Components tutorials). I've also been working on Component Comparrison articles (an example being on Shields in the Tips area) so that players will have a handy guide for Component selection.

I'd also like to express my appreciation to those of you using my Roboforge Affiliates Link. The affiliate hits are climbing and Dew Point has now been recognized for some Sales!!

Look for the completion of the Beginner's Guide in the next few weeks. With November upon us and Christman right around the corner I may find time a little tighter as Ebay is hot at Christmas and we'll want to catch that Christmas rush and list items. And of course there's a little matter of still creating a decent bot for the tournies. Shiva and DEMON seem to be the ones that I run into alot in the challenge rooms and their bots shred mine within seconds. The worste thing is they are probably sending their second string bots at me! Who am I kidding? Some guy sent a bot that had NO MOVES functioning and just wanted to check out his intercept routine and STILL beat me! ARG.

Also, Slow Slosh has released another fab intercept AI. It will shortly appear on here for download, but can be easily found in the Roboforge Forums. There seems to be some tweeking going on in there between players so I'll wait until the final word is laid out before posting it here so that the most efficient is available.

Oh .. and


Monday, October 22, 2001 - Boosting affiliation

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful feedbacks I've been getting for this site, it really helps to know that I'm putting some stuff on that people need, use, and enjoy. I've gotten quite a few hits thru the affiliation link, but as yet very low actual purchases (very low as in 0). If someone clicks on the affiliation link and goes to Roboforge to purchase the game from them then I get $5 bucks for sending ya over. I know, $5 aint much these days, but I'm easy to please hehe. I'd just like to ask that you keep me in mind if you decide to buy the game and enter Roboforge thru the link (the robot on the right side of this page) to make your purchase. You are still dealing with Roboforge exclusively, the link simply lets them know where you came from.

Projects on the blocks at the moment : Working on some displays for Weapons, Energy, and Sensor components, much like Shields have been done now. Also working on my newest bot design. I've been sucking hind tit (as my granpa used to say) in the tournies lately and need to be competitive again. I miss my "Master" status ;)

Friday, October 19 2001 - Component Information

Have started on some component information in the Tips and Tricks section. Currently have shields done and working on a worthwhile formula for determining weapons. Also congrats to Shiva who sliced and diced my bot "Pentiwhirl" in about 70 seconds in the last tourney in the first round. Back to the drawing board once again hehe.

Saturday, October 13 2001 - Higher Math comes to Roboforge

Thanks to Slow Slosh Roboforge players everywhere now have access to some higher math functions such as SIN and COS. Look for this addition in the AI Tips area.

Wednesday, October 10 2001 - DEMON's First 100k Tourney Placed Online!

I've placed all the bots for DEMON's 100k tourney into the Local Tourney Section under Roboforge. You aint seen nothing till you see 100k bots bash it out, and the only wins are thru destroyed chassis. Carnage, the only word for it! I've also included another tutorial on using Orients in the AI Made Easy Section.

Tuesday, October 2 2001 - AI Made Easy and Tips and Tricks Begun

Two more sections started with a starter topic in each. Ready for the viewer requests on where to go here and have a few ideas of my own I'll be working on.

Monday, October 1 2001 - Bot Bio's Successfully Implemented

I've successfully set up Bots on Display so that it displays a list of bot images to look at. A more in depth bio is available when you click on an image and appears above. I'm rather impressed with myself for figuring this out and how well it turned it :)

Sunday, September 30 2001 - RoboForge Site Underway

Roboforge section of site now underway, will be adding in various elements to set the groundwork as a whole. I hope to have images of some of my bots, a few of my own battles, and some Tutorial type information for starters that other players can add to after I've gotten things going.

Most definitely will look into running a few tournaments with a limit amount of players using very specific bot restrictions. My thoughts are that in order to coax more players to get involved I cannot run any style tournament where their design will be used in normal Roboforge tourneys. This is to ensure everyone can feel confident that they are not releasing a bot to me with critical information in it. I'll most likely take a poll and determine if people would want such bots publicly released.